Landscape architect,
garden designer, journalist,
adjunct professor of Department of Landscape Architecture, 
Warsaw Agricultural University.
I write about gardens and landscape architecture, 
I occupy myself on environmental psychology, ethnology,
I interest in esoterics, geomancy,
 and alternative method of human existential spaces creating.
I am a member of
  Union of Polish Architects (SAK)
and SITO-NOT (Polish General Technique Association)
 supervisor of green investments (No 260/2009).



my important dates:

2014                  habilitation degree (agricultural sciences, horticulture, landscape architecture) (thesis
                         Garden as a place in dwelling landscape)

2001                  Doctor's degree in agricultural sciences, thesis Structure of contemporary family
Faculty of
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of Warsaw Agricultural


1996 - 2001        postgraduate study in Warsaw Agricultural University 

1996                  master of science, thesis Creating rest spaces in face of needs of homegarden user

1990 - 1996        Individual Master Study in Faculty of Christian Phisosophy of University Stefan Cardinal
                          Wyszyński in Warsaw, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology of Warsaw
                          and in Department of Landscape Architecture, Warsaw Agricultural University.

1989 - 1996        Master Study in  Department of Landscape Architecture, Warsaw Agricultural University

Professional occupations: landscape design and landscape planning, designing of recreational complexes, urban greens planning, homegarden design, inventory of greens, supervising of green investments,  feng shui consultation, geomantic analysis of existential spaces.


since 1995                   garden designer, feng shui consultant

1996 - 2001                  postgraduate student of Section of Art, Department of Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

1997-1998                    assistant of Section of Design of Warmia-Masurian University in Olsztyn -  authorship of class program Psycho-cultural aspects of design.

VI.1999 - XII.2000        journalist in Ogrody (Gardens), the biggest polish magazine about gardens and landscape architecture,
ed. Prószyński i s-ka

1999 - 2012                  contributor in editorial staff of magazine Ogrody (Gardens), ed. Agora SA

2013 - 2014conributor in editorial staff of magazine Ogrodyzieleń to życie (Greenery is a life), ed. Agencja Promocji Zieleni

since X. 2001               adjunct professor in  Department of Landscape Art,
Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of Warsaw University of Life Sciences

IV 2007                        SOCRATES ERASMUS teacher Old Parks Restoration program, Siauliu Universitetas, Lithuania

since I. 2007                Headmaster and lecturer of Postgraduate Studies of  Family Garden and House Design



Beata J. Gawryszewska